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Güzelyurt Region

Fragrant citrus groves and tantalizing farmers’ markets

Meaning `beautiful country' in Turkish, Güzelyurt is famed for its fragrant citrus groves and fresh markets selling an array of local produce. Located in the West of North Cyprus, this market town is no ordinary tourist destination, as you can enjoy a wonderfully slow pace of life in beautiful rustic surroundings. Güzelyurt is also famous for its annual Orange Festival, a major event lasting two weeks (see events).

Citrus Groves

Surrounded by fragrant citrus groves and famous for being the ‘fruit-bowl’ of North Cyprus , the region of Güzelyurt and its capital (also Güzelyurt) make the ideal destination for a day trip from Girne or a longer rural break . As one of the island’s greenest and richest agricultural areas, you will enjoy sampling the region’s deliciously juicy strawberries and citrus fruits (orange, lemon, and grapefruit) from the local covered market. Most of the region’s citrus fruits are exported, with the remaining made into fruit juice and canned for export and local consumption.

Market Town

Saturday is a good day to visit Güzelyurt, as that is when the weekly market stretches across the whole town, with people coming from nearby towns and villages to buy and sell. You will enjoy browsing, as you can find a whole array of wares for sale, from locally hand-made carpets to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables which are all grown locally - and many organically.


Heritage Sites

Güzelyurt is also home to the picturesque town of Lefke (the site of the island’s now defunct copper mines), the Roman ruins at Soli, and the hilltop palace of Vouni. Other attractions include a curious circular British storehouse in Lefke, one of the many churches in the country dedicated to St. Mamas, a fascinating history and archaeology museum housing a collection ranging from the prehistoric age of Cyprus to the Byzantine period with primitive tools and Bronze Age pottery, as well as an array of stunning Orthodox churches.

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