Hz. Omer Tomb

Hazreti Ömer Tekke together with its tomb is situated about 3 miles (5 km) eastwards of Kyrenia, directed towards Çatalköy. Take the left turning for go - carting track and the road leads down to the sea. It is signposted as "Hazreti Ömer Türbesi" from the coast road . Hazreti Ömer Tekke itself represents a significant Islamic shrine. During the Arab raids in the 7 th century under the reign of Muaviye - the Omayyad caliph, commander Omer and his companions from the Muawiya army were killed and buried in the cave. After the Ottoman conquest, the bodies were exhumed and interred again. In typical Cypriot fashion, the dervish convent which grew around the tombs was honoured by both Orthodox and Muslim communities before 1974. The interior of the convent is walled with tapestries of Mecca , gaudy rugs in various shapes and sizes, and you will find there books in piles referring mostly to the tomb or Koran.