Baldoken Graveyard
When Ottomans conquered Cyprus in 1571, the land, today known as "Islam Graveyard" outside from the castle of Girne, was reserved as "Cemetery for soldiers" in the first years of the Ottoman era. It was used for the same purpose until the end of 17th century. Cistern, water canals and architectural tombs were built in it. When the cemetery for soldiers began to accept non-soldiers, the name was changed to Islam Graveyard. This is known also as "Graveyard of Forlorn". St Andrew British Church, District Club and Tennis Court were built beside this graveyard. Until recent years, this graveyard was known as Baldoken Graveyard. It was restored by the Foundations Office in 1995.
St. Andrew Church
St Andrew's Church, Kyrenia is a Church of the Anglican Communion, being part of the diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, which is in its turn part of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

St Andrew's Church was built in 1913 through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest McDonald on land donated by Mr. George Houston. The relatively small resident congregation in Northern Cyprus is regularly joined by some of the many visitors and tourists to this beautiful island. As fully operating one of two churches in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus worshippers of all denominations find a welcome at our morning services.

The crucifix at the East end was always a feature of St Andrew's church as the glass allows the wonderful light of Cyprus to stream through. After the extensions to the Church it was again situated in the Eastern Wall.