The Akkule Mosque

The Akkule Mosque made from hewn stone, is situated between the old and new doors to the city walls, at the Land Gate of the original Arch of (Ravelin - Akkule) in Famagusta. In the past an Ottoman fountain was situated north-east of the mosque. The typical Ottoman building made of hewn stone has fortified Venetian walls facing south - east and south - west and was built in 1618/19. Crooked and inclined living areas came about due to the planning and building of the fortified Venetian walls. There are windows on the north-east and north-west outer walls with their upper and lower parts plastered with plaster of paris. The lower rectangular windows have frontlet with pointed stone arches the upper windows which are smaller in size also have pointed arches. The inside of the plaster of paris windows are decorated with raised diamond shapes, and have double wooden wings. There is an original stone chancel used to empty the water from the outer side of the ceiling. There is a compressed, arched, double winged entrance door at the north-western wall of the mosque. The wooden wings of the door also have the raised diamond decoration of the inside windows' wings. Above the door there is a marble panel with a verse of the Koran dated 1618-19. There is an arch holding the flat roof of the mosque which stretches from east to west. On the south-eastern wall of the mosque, there is a downward hanging riche upon which sitting appears. The original filing on the floor of the mosque was replaced during restoration with diamond shaped mosque.