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Gazimagusa (Famagusta) Region

Land of sandy beaches and romantic Levantine-style town 
The eastern coastal area of Gazimağusa Bay is one long, very fine beach with excellent facilities and clean, safe bathing and snorkeling. This harbour town is a fantastic destination for summer holidays as the bay itself is an expanse of golden sands.

It is also very close to the old town, an “outdoor museum” of architecture and ancient ruins. Restored and pedestrianised since 1996, the old town of Gazimağusa is a veritable outdoor museum and a real delight to explore, soak up the sunshine and people-watch in quaint cafes. Just minutes away also lies the thriving new town which is becoming increasingly popular with locals and visitors alike as a fun-packed holiday destination.  It's an excellent hub for eating-out, shopping and recreation. Gazimağusa is also close to the vast Roman ruins of Salamis, and a day trip to its ruins and beaches is an absolute must on your holiday to North Cyprus.

Intrigue of the Old City

Founded by the Egyptians, the old walled city of Gazimağusa was once the richest port in the world - and so today is steeped in intriguing antiquity. The town is centred on the main square and the impressive Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque - and is rich in historic monuments, including the famous Othello Tower. Wander leisurely through its palm-lined avenues and soak up its enticingly unique atmosphere.

Beautiful Beaches

Or, venture further north, to the area close to the Salamis ruins, where the stretch of sandy beach continues with clean, safe bathing and snorkeling opportunities. This region, approximately 10 kilometers north of Gazimağusa, is perfect for those seeking a relaxing holiday as most hotels are a stone’s throw from the beach – and it is also an ideal base from which to explore the Karpaz Panhandle.

Salamis Ruins

Dating back to the 11th Century BC, the Salamis ruins are amongst the finest Roman ruins on the island, the highlights of which are the gymnasium and ancient amphitheatre that could once accommodate up to 15,000 spectators.

Don’t Miss

bullet Akkule Mosque The Akkule Mosque made from hewn stone, is situated between the old and new doors more >>>
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bullet City Walls of Famagusta The Walls of the Old City were originally built by the Lusignans more >>>
bullet Enkomi The antique city of Enkomi, also known as Alasia, situated close to Tuzla village more >>>
bullet Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque Standing formidably in the centre of the old city’s walls more >>>
bullet Namik Kemal Dungeon & Museum This two-storied hewn stone dungeon was built on the ruins more >>>
bullet Nitovikla Castle The castle the remains of which are on a hill close to the sea more >>>
bullet Othello’s Tower Built by the Lusignans in the 12th century to protect the harbour, city and sea-gate more >>>
bullet Salamis Once the most important city in Cyprus, the ruins of Salamis are still impressive today more >>>
bullet Sinan Paşa Mosque (St. Peter & St. Paul Church) The inscription on the wall indicating that the church more >>>
bullet St. Barnabas Monastery and Icon & Archaeology Museum The St. Barnabas church has a rich more >>>
bullet St. Francis Church The church is a complement of a monastery which was built by the Franciscan more >>>
bullet St. George of Latin’s Church Constructed in the late 13th century using material from the Salamis ruins more >>>
bullet Kertikli Bath A building to the North of the city constructed by the Ottomans. more >>>
bullet Twin Churches (Templar & Hospitaler Churches) The larger of the two churches built in the 14th more >>>


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